Clait Test

For the last 2 weeks we have been doing a Clait Test. This is a national recognize qualification. It’s an I.C.T exam which most schools have to do and it is a set of instructions and tasks which you have to complete on either power point or Microsoft word. They are really interesting and the last 2 we have done were practice papers, as we are all preparing for the real exam which you do not get any help at all.

I find the Clait Test’s really fun, as they are quite easy for you to do and follow. I like doing them and some tests are quite interesting. Clait Exam’s are quite important so i try my best to do as well as i can do. Scared for the real Clait Exam though, Wish me luck!


My Evaluation of Bull Running

What I found
difficult was nothing, I thought it was quite easy to find all the information
and all the search engines are really helpful, the search engines I used was
tag galaxy for pictures and Google for information, I chose these 2 search
engines because tag galaxy is cool to use and very good with the pictures, but
the only negative I would say for tag galaxy is that you cannot copy and paste
the picture you have to print screen. I also used Google which I thought was
very good and a lot of information was there.


I liked putting
the pictures in to this piece of work as I enjoyed finding different pictures
and looking at them, for next time I would try and include more detailed
information and about the history but overall I think I did a good job on this
piece of work and I also found out about another world culture that I did not


I think Bull
Running is a very interesting world culture as it’s very imaginative and I’m
glad I did it.


best day in my holidays

In my holidays I went to a summer camp in Wales and Turkey with my family but I liked the summer camp better.. This summer camp was for 2 weeks without your parents, i was happy about that! I went on this summer camp last year and I really enjoyed it so I went again this year. I had made loads of friends from last year so I knew loads of people before I went on the summer camp, The summer camp started on the 1st august and ended on the 15th august and there was about 100 people but you made friends with all the people there so quickly.This summer camp is from the ages 10-13 and it was called Shemesh. It went really quickly though. It was 5 hour coach journey and I was sitting next to my friend Georgia on the way there. My favourite day on the summer camp was when all the leaders that were running the camp surprised us and took us to a beach in Wales for the whole day! They told us to bring swimming costume so we had them on for the beach. We mucked about the whole time :p It was a really good day as we were all in the sea playing and then we had a sand castle competition and we buried each other in the sand! After that we had a barbeque on the beach, and there was mud which was like quick sand which we all went in and got so muddy but we got told off after we did it! That day didnt end quite so quickly as after we ate on the beach and played on the beach for the whole day, the leaders took us to a water park! We were thrilled and so happy, there were loads of slides there and it was really good! I didnt want it to end.

That was a good day the summer holiday and i will never forget it!

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