My Evaluation of Bull Running

What I found
difficult was nothing, I thought it was quite easy to find all the information
and all the search engines are really helpful, the search engines I used was
tag galaxy for pictures and Google for information, I chose these 2 search
engines because tag galaxy is cool to use and very good with the pictures, but
the only negative I would say for tag galaxy is that you cannot copy and paste
the picture you have to print screen. I also used Google which I thought was
very good and a lot of information was there.


I liked putting
the pictures in to this piece of work as I enjoyed finding different pictures
and looking at them, for next time I would try and include more detailed
information and about the history but overall I think I did a good job on this
piece of work and I also found out about another world culture that I did not


I think Bull
Running is a very interesting world culture as it’s very imaginative and I’m
glad I did it.


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